Joining Members

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Documents you’ll need to send us via email :

  1. A Copy of your Passport*
  2. A copy of your NIE or TIE card*
  3. A digital style photo of yourself*
  4. A Clearance certificate from your secretary*

Please Send these alone with the information below.

Details marked with an * are compulsory.


  • Marital Status?
  • Do you have any children if so how many ?

Employment detail

  • Work Situation* (Self Employed, Employee, Unemployed, Retired etc)
  • Where do you work?
  • Your position?
  • Your profession?
  • Your Speciality?

Contact Details & Address

  • Mobile Phone number*
  • Landline Phone
  • Your email address*
  • Your work number
  • Your address,
  • Country*
  • City*
  • Town*
  • Postcode*

Candidate Name or Joining member

  • Name of your lodge and lodge Number?*
  • Ritual?* (Emulation, Scottish Rite, Taylors, etc)
  • Street name & number?*
  • Town?*
  • City?*
  • Country?*
  • Date of your Initiation?*
  • Date of your Passing?*
  • Date of your Raising?*