Ave Fenix – Ladies Night

In News by Mark

(Saturday 7th March 2020)

Tonight was the annual Ladies gala night for the brethren of Ave Fenix 73 based in Los Cristianos.

A large number of Brethren and guests assembled in the Villa Cortes Ballroom to celebrate in their usual joyous manner. Among the Brethren gathered were RW Lawrence Howard Assistant Gm of Spain and R.W.B Mark Peers provincial G.M. of the Canaries also R.W.B Gerald Ruben Grand Inspector of GL of Spain.

R.W.B Lawrence Howard & R.W.B Mark F. Peers
(L-R Guest, Guest, R.W.B Gerald Ruben, Vivienne Ruben, Guest, Guest)

The whole night was considered a great success as they enjoyed the meal and danced the night away along to music provided by Silvio musicman .

Ladies Night 2020 at the Hotel Villa Cortes – Ballroom, Las Americas.

The Ballroom at the Villas Cortes 5 Star Hotel.
W.B. Richard Barlett & Partner Dalia.
W.B. Mike Baker, Frances Baker & Guests.
Bro. Oakenfold, Partner, Bro. Smith, M Taylor.
Mr Walley, Partner, Bro. Oakenfold, Bro. Smith and their Partners.
Guests and Friends.
W.B. Sturgess & W.B. Shaw, Partners, Wives and Guests.
The Lay of the table..